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Few things are more frustrating than when your child is having difficulty in school. There is a lot of pressure put on your child, and you, to perform academically.

It’s easy for the kids who are naturally good at academics, born with exceptional memories, or who have parents in the school system who have the inside scoop, and know exactly how to guide their children on tests and homework.


“Boosting confidence, on the other hand, can make all the difference.” And “Students assigned to the low confidence group performed worse than students assigned to the high confidence group."
Another fundamental for doing well academically is the ability to focus. Focus on the teacher, focus on homework and focus during tests.

A study from the Institute of Medicine, a unit of the National Academy of Sciences states “…children who are more active are better able to focus their attention, are quicker to perform simple tasks, and have better working memories and problem solving skills than less-active children. They also perform better on standardized academic tests.”

Ultimate Martial Arts Academy Teaches Focus...

Another well-established fact is that Martial Arts Programs teach students how to focus. The unique blend of mental training, attention to detail and the uniformed highly organized classes, promote better concentration and focus skills.

You may be spending a lot of time with you kids, struggling with them when studying. Sometimes your only reward for all this time and work is more frustration form both of you. Who has time to go back to school so you can learn the “new” ways they are teaching kids old subjects?

There is GOOD NEWS! Whether your child just needs a little help, or a lot of help, you can give them the secret to success in school.

The secrets to helping your child do well in academics, are the same secrets that Martial Arts has been teaching for centuries! Science has confirmed it...
Confidence, Focus, Work Ethic and Physical Activity

Like many things, it’s the fundamentals that mean the difference between success and failure. School performance is one of those things. One child may need to learn more math, the other more history. Each have their own talents and challenges. But the building blocks of good academic performance are the same.

The Fundamental Building Blocks of Academic Excellence that Martial Arts Teaches are…

A key factor in doing well in school is confidence, not to be confused with self-esteem. Confidence is the belief you can do well, where self-esteem is feeling good about oneself.


Ultimate Martial Arts Academy Teaches Confidence.

A well-established fact is that the ability to defend yourself and the unique rewards systems of martial arts belt ranking has a powerful impact on your child’s confidence.

You know as a parent that if your child were saying to themselves, “I can do well in school” instead of, “This work is too hard" – or worse - “this is stupid”, that they would open their minds to the school work and actually perform better.

Confidence attained from Martial Arts Training goes hand in hand with confidence in school and better grades.


You know the sayings, “You get back what you put into it”, “You have to work hard to succeed” and a half dozen other saying about the importance of a solid work ethic. Doing well in school is no different, as you have likely explained to your child a number of times.

So important is developing a good work ethic that Brian P. Gatens, the superintendent of schools for the Emerson Public School District in Emerson, New Jersey’ said in an article to teachers about how to develop a work ethic in their students, “Speak of hard work as joyful work.”

We all take if for granted that in sports and athletics, that your attitude about work, working hard to prepare for a game or event, is directly related to the outcome.

But we often forget to teach our kids about the satisfaction of working hard at academics and reaping the rewards. Often, we look at it as, “It’s too bad that this is so hard, but you have to do it anyway!”

Ultimate Martial Arts Academy Teaches Your Child to Enjoy Hard Work.

Learning to work hard and reap the rewards of that work is fundamental to martial arts training. Whether it’s the satisfaction your child feels when developing and perfecting the skill of self-defense, the recognition of their instructors, or simply the belt ranks they achieve, learning that hard work has it’s many rewards will build a solid work ethic in your child.

Did you know that exercise will make your child smarter? The Institute of Medicine, a unit of the National Academy of Sciences found that “…exercise can significantly improve children’s cognitive abilities and their academic performance, as well as their health.”

Ultimate Martial Arts Academy Students Develop Healthy Minds & Bodies.

Martial Arts training builds bone density, muscle strength, flexibility, balance, stronger hearts and lungs. It also reduces stress, creates calm, and promotes a positive self-image.


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