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Successfully Set and Attain Goals

#1. Your child must have a clear image in their mind of their goal, and have a true desire to reach it.

When your child is in class, they will be surrounded by peers, who are wearing all the different belt ranks. They will see clearly the awesome things they get to do, and their level of skill. They are constantly reminded of the goal and always imagine themselves wearing the next rank. Experts say that children need a “Ladder” to climb where they see each rung, and what they need to do to reach the top. Our belt ranking system become your child’s goal ladder.

#2. They must understand setting and attaining reachable and specific goals that are rungs on the ladder to the big goal.

Everyone wants to be a Black Belt, which really keep your child motivated. However, they cannot become a Black Belt unless the attain the lower belt ranks first. We teach them the value of first doing the work, quality work, to attain each lower belt, so they can attain a Black Belt. We are very clear with your child that they must learn and be able to perform the required techniques in order to advance to the next belt.

#3. Very Important: Your child needs to know that attaining goals is based on their actions and hard work, and not circumstances and favor.

All too often kids will wait around for something to happen so they can take a small step or reap the object of their desire. Maybe it is culture, or TV, but whatever it is, too many kids think that things will just happen for them. They need to know success is based on their actions!
The Ultimate Martial Arts Academy provides a work based, action oriented environment so your child sees other children receiving recognition and rewards based on their hard work. In addition to instructor guidance, this positive peer group has a strong positive influence on your child.

#4. You can’t do it alone!

Your child needs to learn that we all work with other people and resources to attain our goals. Learning to ask for help and who to ask for help is vital in the goal attainment process.

We support and instruct your child. They know they can always ask for help, and the learn who within the school are authorized to assist them with their learning. They will learn the value of picking the right people to use for support and guidance.

#5. Positive Role Models

All of us, not just our kids, do better when we know someone else has done it before us. We also naturally model those who have what we want, instinctively knowing that if we copy them, we will get the same.
We understand that your child will look up to their instructors as role models. We don’t take that awesome responsibility lightly. We set the examples they need not just in goal setting but with all the incredible benefits of Martial Arts Training.


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